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Hello! My name is Denise Flasz, I was born in Caracas, Venezuela but I currently live in NYC. I got my BFA in illustration at the Instituto de Diseño de Caracas,and then I decided to do an MFA in Multimedia design at the Centro de diseño digital. After all this college experience and some freelancing I worked for almost two years in a Visual Communication enterprise named Oruga Films, where I can say that I learned many of the things I now know and also gained a lot of experience in what professional work and team work matters. Since I was in college I new I wanted to grow bigger and achieve many goals in life, and for this I knew that if I wanted to do great I had to attend a great school, so I applied and of course choose Parsons New School of Design. For me it was really hard to pick what I wanted to do in this school, and what kind of major I wanted to get involved into, because many things seemed so valuable and incredible interesting that it was really hard to make up my mind, and that's when I saw the DT program and how wide it was, and started projecting and realizing how much I could achieve from this major and how good it was going to be for me.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Venn Diagram

In order to create my own Venn Diagram, I wrote on a paper, a mind map that contained all the fields that I thought represented me in some way, I divided them in sections and then selected the fields that matched with each other and grouped them as they were similar or if they had a common link. I found interesting the process of blending each and every field because all of them had a relationship with one and other, they were responsible for a certain equilibrium that I had never displayed graphically to appreciate.

I decided to make three Venn diagrams that related to one and other, the first one is the most extended, it represents my life in three mayor fields, the social field, the personal field and the professional field, divided then by the things I know and the things that I at some point will learn and get to know. When this diagram blends it shows how my personal life affects my social and professional life and vice versa, they all blend together to form the person that I am today, every second the gray center circle grows as I learn and experience new things, but it will never reach an end point because there is always something new to explore.

The second Venn diagram narrows the first one by representing generically the two major areas of human interest, but again from my personal and professional point of view. Humanities and sciences are the two mayor areas in human life, they represent the balance between the right and left-brain, and they represent all knowledge. I consider my self pretty complete and balanced, but now as I see it in the diagram, how equally all my interests are in both areas I can reassure that. In my personal opinion, being aware of the variety of things that surround us give us the opportunity to choose the things that we really like the most, exploring and testing are the only things we can do to actually say we don’t like a specific thing, and then move on.

The third diagram narrows the second diagram to represent my personal ideas when it comes to all the projects or concepts I come up with. I chose to divide it again by the client and personal field in order to show how it affects the development of my thoughts, and then for this time I came to the conclusion that surrealism, realism and functionality are the main three words of my ideas. In this diagram, I wasn’t aware that this three words worked together every time I created a concept, but the more I think about it the more I agree. Surrealism is the start of my thoughts, I sometimes dream my ideas or maybe daydream them, everything at that point is just a rough idea of how I see the solution to the problem, if I were to represent that idea at that same moment, the final product would’ve been very personal and maybe a little strange, but if I then applied realism, this idea could start to follow our human needs in how the idea would be best applied to people, animals or nature. None of this two would be relevant if they were not functional, unless they are a work of art, but as we are talking about ideas and concepts the functional field is very relevant. What is great design if it doesn’t work?

This project showed me what I thought I knew in a whole different way, like an archeologist, I just discovered many things that were there but I didn’t see before, I could conclude that this experience is almost like a VUJADE. Something that has happened but I never realized.

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