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Hello! My name is Denise Flasz, I was born in Caracas, Venezuela but I currently live in NYC. I got my BFA in illustration at the Instituto de Diseño de Caracas,and then I decided to do an MFA in Multimedia design at the Centro de diseño digital. After all this college experience and some freelancing I worked for almost two years in a Visual Communication enterprise named Oruga Films, where I can say that I learned many of the things I now know and also gained a lot of experience in what professional work and team work matters. Since I was in college I new I wanted to grow bigger and achieve many goals in life, and for this I knew that if I wanted to do great I had to attend a great school, so I applied and of course choose Parsons New School of Design. For me it was really hard to pick what I wanted to do in this school, and what kind of major I wanted to get involved into, because many things seemed so valuable and incredible interesting that it was really hard to make up my mind, and that's when I saw the DT program and how wide it was, and started projecting and realizing how much I could achieve from this major and how good it was going to be for me.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I want to identify the artisan skills of a specific community in Venezuela, and then help them with design and marketing to create a business plan that could help them develop as a community through their own identity.


Some of the best talents and secrets in Venezuela are only known by natives, not sharing them or finding them might be good for locals who like the treasures for themselves, but most of the time
this poor communities need to be known and recognized by tourists and natives so their income can improve. Another issue is that people like best what is trendy or imported, things that are made by artisans or Venezuelan companies are known as cheap and bad quality products. So how can poverty be erased if we don't open the necessary doors for them to succeed, how can Venezuelans with low income start producing if we never give them a chance to do so.Poverty is a state made by man and society, it can certainly be improved with the right tools and education, but one thing is for sure, this could only happen if we start paying attention to this 90% of the world population.Starting by the fact that kids are not raised to be successful, they picture themselves as their fathers ,whom always worked as employers for others. They don't visualize more than what they have, and adding the lack of information, technology and of course education the problem gets worst.

Since this is a major issue this days, I want to create a system that can fight poverty and this endless cycle.I would like to discover this hidden communities and their artisan talent and then with a marketing and business plan develop their own traditions,skills and identity into one or more final products, that at some point could be sold and known by locals and tourists.If a product has a good design and a good marketing , then it's going to sell.. I might not have the tools to educate at this point but I do have the tools needed to position a new brand into the market.

If this brand succeeds then this little community can work as a whole as if they were a company, they don't need to have a good education or special skills, because they'v been prototyping this product for centuries, and since it;s going to be their own Enterprise I am sure they'll build it with love and care for it.Their income will grow and they will start emerging from that horrible and inhuman state. As for the future, I plan to collaborate with fellows that work with poor societies and great artists and designers that are willing to give a little of their time for social design I would also work with big enterprises and foundations that could invest in this communities and of course with advertisers and Marketers.I think that this project could educate and open their eyes to the real world, through technology and design and can lead them to a great beginning.

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