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Hello! My name is Denise Flasz, I was born in Caracas, Venezuela but I currently live in NYC. I got my BFA in illustration at the Instituto de Diseño de Caracas,and then I decided to do an MFA in Multimedia design at the Centro de diseño digital. After all this college experience and some freelancing I worked for almost two years in a Visual Communication enterprise named Oruga Films, where I can say that I learned many of the things I now know and also gained a lot of experience in what professional work and team work matters. Since I was in college I new I wanted to grow bigger and achieve many goals in life, and for this I knew that if I wanted to do great I had to attend a great school, so I applied and of course choose Parsons New School of Design. For me it was really hard to pick what I wanted to do in this school, and what kind of major I wanted to get involved into, because many things seemed so valuable and incredible interesting that it was really hard to make up my mind, and that's when I saw the DT program and how wide it was, and started projecting and realizing how much I could achieve from this major and how good it was going to be for me.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Can you draw any relation between the Whyte Chapter 5 and your observation?

Well from the beginning of the reading I started to feel that this chapter had a lot to do with the public space we were doing, since it started mentioning that a plaza it’s not only made by it’s structure but also by its surroundings. Our plaza worked and had life because of the sun and its position, how it moved from side to side and how people moved with it. Also people felt attracted by the green scenery that surrounded the plaza and the food vendors that sold things at the corner, made almost half of the population come and eat at the border of it.

The restaurants that surrounded it sold food to tourists and natives ,that invited them to come and relax at this plaza. The fair that opened on Sunday attracted millions of people also; this attraction seemed ideal for stopping and watching it. There weren’t any performers at all I think because of the security, but in compare to the sunken plaza that was on 49 St, the chosen plaza had more people because it was inviting, It had no differences at all from what was the sidewalk and from where the plaza started. On the reading, Whyte said that people come when they feel invited and in this plaza they were, in the other one, the one at 49 St , had less people than we did, they had a performer that attracted a large group but the plaza was hidden, it was sunken inside the building, so unless you were going to the subway you wouldn’t want to seat down there where people could see you but you couldn’t see them.

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